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Our mission: We want to be the preferred supplier for High Quality & Innovative solutions in the field of nuclear measurements and recognized by our customers for consistently exceeding their expectations.

About Mirion Technologies (Canberra BNLS) NV

Mirion Technologies (Canberra BNLS) NV is part of Mirion Technologies, the world's leading manufacturer of analytical instruments, systems and services for nuclear radiation detection, nuclear physics and x-ray elemental analysis.

The Mirion Technologies (Canberra BNLS) NV Sales & Service team is responsible for supporting our customers in the Benelux area. We are there to provide you with guidance on new solutions from the Mirion group as well as provide support and service on the existing installed base.

Mirion Technologies (Canberra BNLS) NV

A bit of history:

Mirion Technologies (Canberra BNLS) NV started in 1977 as an affiliate of CANBERRA Positronika B.V. Soon after, it became a major player in the Belgian nuclear measurement market. In 1986, after the split of CANBERRA Positronika BV and the acquisition of Packard Instruments by CANBERRA Industries(USA ), CANBERRA Benelux, became a full subsidiary of CANBERRA Industries and the CANBERRA headquarter for the Benelux and Denmark.

Thanks to the excellent service and instrument know-how CANBERRA Benelux started to design special systems and software.

When Canberra and Mirion announced a merger of both companies in 2016 it was a natural choice to take the Canberra Zellik team as the base for support in Benelux. Today Mirion Technologies (Canberra BNLS) NV is your preferred partner for any nuclear measurement solution in the Benelux territory. With the merger of the legacy Mirion and Canberra product lines we are capable to provide any solution in the field of nuclear measurements.