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CBNS Training Trax Program

CANBERRA has launched a new approach to training that offers users a specific series of courses to reach their chosen level of expertise in a certain subject.   Each series begins with relevant fundamentals and progresses through essential training requirements that, once completed, result in the "Technician", "Specialist", or "Subject Matter Expert" level.

Philosophy and Overview

The evolution of CANBERRA's training philosophy has resulted from needs expressed by our customers.  Each pathway has specific and deliberate content, arranged in a progressive “building block” fashion, to ensure that trainees progress to a specified level of expertise on each subject.

To maximize the benefit of each “Training Trax”, participation begins with a review of each trainee’s current level of expertise.  This can be established through a review of the trainee’s prior CANBERRA training experience.


The entry point into CANBERRA's "Pathways to Expertise" is a set of prerequisite fundamentals courses that provide a solid technical foundation that is essential to the successful completion of each pathway. Placement exams are available to determine if the student may opt out of some or all fundamentals courses.


The Technician level enables operation of the subject-related equipment (hardware and software) on a routine basis. This includes the ability to reliably determine the equipment's suitability and readiness for use, operate the equipment in the proper manner for the application, and use the equipment to generate reliable measurement results.


The Specialist level will acquire all of the knowledge of the Technician, plus a thorough understanding of the tools and methods needed to set up the equipment, calibrate it, monitor its performance, and evaluate the defensibility and applicability of the results. In some parts of our industry, personnel with this level of qualification may be called Technologists or Lead Technicians.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

The Subject Matter Expert (SME) will acquire all of the knowledge of the Specialist, plus an intimate knowledge of the 'inner workings' of the equipment. The SME is qualified to establish the basis for the equipment settings, deploy the equipment in the manner necessary for the application, verify and validate the operation and performance of the equipment, and validate the results generated by the equipment. In some parts of our industry, personnel with this level of qualification may be called Scientists or Senior Scientists.

To get on board the TrainingTrax program, simply follow these guidelines:

  1. Select the product line for which expertise is required (e.g., Apex-Gamma)
  2. Determine your starting place with a review of each trainee’s current level of expertise. If you have no prior formal training please begin at GP-101.
  3. Select the desired level of expertise (Technician, Specialist, or Subject Matter Expert)
  4. Contact Ingrid Bellemans: ingrid.bellemans@canberra.com to enroll or for additional information.

Trax to Expertise

Click the Trax below to view the specific path to expertise for each topic.






More Training Trax
coming soon!

Here are some key elements to the "Pathways to Expertise" program:

  • Completion of each segment of the pathway is acknowledged with an appropriate certificate and continuing education credits.
  • Course content that does not require hands-on training will be offered as on-line, self-paced computer-based-training (CBT) modules
  • All of the courses are available for presentation on-site or in-house at CANBERRA facilities.