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Détecteurs Geiger Mueller (GM)


Guaranteed Analysis

As an end user of Geiger Mueller detectors for over 60 years, we have successfully bridged the gap between technical conception, detector design and field application to achieve the quality performance you demand.

Consider the Source

More than six decades of nuclear instrumentation design enables us to incorporate quality and reliability into an outstanding line of Geiger Mueller detectors, including 2000 Series pancake detectors. We offer extensive experience as both a manufacturer and end user of all types of radiation detectors. Over the years, our detectors have met and exceeded customer needs in laboratory, military and harsh industrial environments.

Our Geiger Mueller detectors are the obvious choice for the discerning user. These detectors are built to exhibit superior performance, reliability and long-term stability. Our extensive product line provides direct (or near equivalents) for industry-standard detectors, including all versions of pancake detectors and frisker probes.

Manufacturing Excellence

Mirion’s manufacturing operation has refined the development and production of GM detectors. We utilize state-ofthe- art instrumentation and the finest equipment to monitor and control all manufacturing processes. Our painstaking attention to every detail ensures contamination-free assemblies. We use only the highest quality materials to fabricate critical detector components. Our adherence to stringent design parameters and quality assurance ensures performance that meets or exceeds exacting commercial and military standards.

Mirion’s growing detector division can offer substantial volume cost reductions for large orders.

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  • Product Reliability

The Mirion Geiger Mueller detector has been carefully researched and developed to provide a rugged, reliable, long-lasting means of monitoring nuclear radiation levels. These detectors offer guaranteed advantages, including manufacturing consistency, product reliability and competitive pricing. Many of our detector types are manufactured and tested to withstand rigorous shock and vibration per military standards.

All Mirion GM detectors comply with our stringent quality assurance policies, consistent with ISO 9001.


  • Mirion warrants that its Geiger Mueller detectors will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of initial shipment.