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InSpector™ 1000 Digital Hand-Held Multichannel Analyzer


The InSpector™ 1000 is a high-performance, hand-held NaI spectrometer for use primarily in first responder, customs, homeland security, and health-physics applications. One-click simplicity masks the sophisticated spectral processing facilities that lie within the instrument - providing a level of performance previously available only in more complicated laboratory systems. The InSpector 1000 is an instrument that provides answers not just data! With the InSpector 1000, users from law enforcement officers to Health Physics technicians can obtain the results they desire with an easy to use, intuitive interface.

InSpector 1000 has been designed for easy operation. The high-resolution color LCD display is clearly visible from bright sunlight to night conditions. The unit can be held and operated in one hand (even if wearing gloves). The convenient hand strap leaves the hand positioned to easily reach the controls with the thumb. This leaves the second hand free for other operations - holding a ladder, sorting through suit cases or packages, etc. In addition, for applications requiring flexible positioning of the detector relative to the object being inspected, the detector can be detached from the instrument body and placed in any position or narrow gap. This greatly increases the probability of detecting small amounts of radiation and precisely locating sources by reducing the measurement distance.

InSpector 1000 was designed to be used in all types of environmental conditions. Its ruggedized, light weight packaging meets the IP 54 specifications and is easily decontaminated. It also has a wide operating range for both temperature and humidity. The InSpector 1000 instrument has been designed to survive a one meter drop onto concrete.

InSpector 1000 is an easy-to-use digital multichannel analyzer, ideally suited for homeland security applications, custom and border protection, healthphysics, treaty and non-proliferation compliance, monitoring of nuclear transportation, and in situ measurement of objects, surfaces etc. The user interface provides the ultimate flexibility in field operations. The InSpector 1000 is readily usable by less sophisticated users without the need of extensive training and also offers high-level spectrometry analysis capabilities for expert users. It can be used in any field measurement application requiring nuclide identification, activity measurements, dose/count rate measurements, or spectrum acquisition and analysis. Although the instrument has a powerful suite of spectroscopy functions, the InSpector 1000's simple user interface isolates the user from complicated spectrum analysis while still providing this data to more advanced users.

Optional Neutron Probe

For applications requiring the detection of both gamma and neutron radiation, an optional neutron probe is available. This detector mounts directly onto the body of the InSpector 1000. With the additional probe, the instrument automatically updates all relevant displays to show both the gamma and neutron signals. Also, additional alarm and warning thresholds are available for the realtime neutron levels.

Optional Sourceless Stabilized Probe

This new, patented* technique has revolutionized the field of handheld nuclear identification instruments by virtually eliminating the need for constant energy recalibration. Traditional Sodium Iodide gamma detectors are extremely temperature dependent. So, when an instrument is calibrated indoors and then taken outdoors to use, the calibration can change enough to significantly degrade the identification accuracy and also increase the number of false positive identifications given. Operate in one hand for comfort and convenience, then separate the detector when you get in close. The new sourceless stabilized probes from CANBERRA continuously monitor and adjust the gain of the detector automatically to ensure consistent performance throughout the entire temperature range. The consistent performance allows users to perform nuclear identifications under all conditions and environments that are typically encountered in the field, while maintaining the highest confidence in the results obtained by the instrument.

InSpector™ 1000 Digital Hand-Held Multichannel Analyzer

InSpector™ 1000 Digital Hand-Held Multichannel Analyzer


  • Simple, real time isotope identification and classification
  • Available with fully stabilized NaI probe (optional)
  • Gamma Locator Mode, for quickly determining the location of sources
  • Full featured, portable MCA with advanced gamma analysis for a wide range of sources
  • Dose rate equivalent H*(10) and count rate display and bar graph
  • Audible warning and alarm limits for gamma dose rate
  • Easy Mode available for simple Locate and Identify requirements
  • Real time isotope identification with activity and dose by isotope calculation
  • High-performance spectroscopy reduced to one button simplicity - no spectroscopy knowledge required!
  • One hand operation with detachable gamma probe allows best possible monitoring of narrow area
  • Decontaminable, portable, ruggedized and spill-proof design
  • Hand-held, battery operated instrument with high resolution color LCD - visible day and night
  • Battery life up to 9 hours
  • Optional Neutron Probe


Easy Mode Operation

In Easy Mode, one touch of a button toggles between the Locator screen function and the Nuclear Identification screen. The user moves the instrument around and watches the Locator screen to see if the radiation field is changing over time. A histogram/trend display helps the user to precisely locate the source, moving the instrument for maximum signal. A single button push and the Nuclear Identification screen appears. Data is collected, analyzed and all isotopes present are listed with their dose rate. This Mode is perfect for First Responders who need to quickly determine if radioactive sources are present and then locate and identify them to help isolate the problem. It is also valuable for follow-up response to alarms from portal or large area monitors.

Standard Mode Operation

In Standard Mode, the instrument adds in a Dose screen and high performance spectroscopy functionality. Genie™ 2000 advanced analysis algorithms are built in. The unprecedented performance of the InSpector 1000 derives from advanced analysis techniques previously available only in systems with separate computers. Unlike traditional hand-held instruments with primitive ROI analysis, the InSpector 1000 supports a full mathematical peak search and fit capability - deconvoluting multiplets and using full confirming lines nuclide identification. This greatly improves the confidence of nuclide identification, raising sensitivity while reducing "false positives".

*US Patents 7,005,646B1 and 7,049,598.