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Systèmes corps entier InVivo & logiciels

CANBERRA, the leading global supplier for In Vivo Counting Systems, has two systems specifically designed for whole body monitoring -- the FASTSCAN™ and the ACCUSCAN™, with the ACCUSCAN being available in both stand-up and bed configurations. Systems for either actinide lung counting (Model 2270) or lung counting and whole body scanning (Model 2275) are also available.  All systems employ gamma spectroscopy to provide nuclide identification as well as the activity of contaminants found during a count.


Apex-InVivo™ Whole Body and Lung Counting Productivity Software

Apex-InVivo™ Whole Body and Lung Counting Productivity Software is used to control and analyze data obtained from these types of systems. The software's scalable architecture supports standalone counter workstations or the creation of a site-wide network of client/server computers. While the server consolidates data from all client workstations, the clients are still completely self-sufficient in the event that network accessibility to the server is temporarily lost.

Apex-InVivo Software