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Apex-Alpha - Alpha Spectroscopy Software Suite


Apex-Alpha™ is the ultimate alpha spectroscopy software package for automating detector set-up and calibration, quality assurance, sample analysis and reporting activities in large or small alpha spectroscopy laboratories. This software package brings the productivity gains to alpha spectroscopy that the Apex® Lab Productivity Suite has brought to gamma spectroscopy for a number of years.

With Apex-Alpha, the complete status of your alpha spectrometers is available at a glance. Click – and find all the batches waiting to be counted. Log samples into the system from any location where the information is known, such as from the radiochemistry laboratory or other sample log-in area. Let Apex-Alpha enforce your calibration/QA schedules and monitor QA results – and automatically take the appropriate action if something goes wrong.

Alpha spectroscopy typically has specialized requirements for wet chemistry and sample preparation prior to counting. The quality of the sample prep plays a large role in determining the quality of the end results of sample analysis. Apex-Alpha handles the requirements for tracers, reagent blanks, spikes, etc. with ease and can accommodate the counting, statistical analysis and quality assurance associated with any of these sample analysis methods that may be in use at your laboratory.

Apex-Alpha™ - Alpha Spectroscopy Software Suite


  • Comprehensive operation and management software for the production-oriented alpha spectroscopy lab
  • Distributed multi-user functionality for access to system resources from any client workstation
  • A sample database that tracks batches of samples through log-in, counting and final data review/approval processes
  • Intuitive tools for easy creation of sample batches with associated counting and analysis procedures
  • Flexible and automated energy and efficiency calibration facilities
  • Extensive quality assurance capability for scheduling of QA checks, failure identification and response and data trending
  • Single screen data review and advanced reanalysis facilities
  • Comprehensive event logging with flexible recall
  • Integrated security system with different levels of access to system functions
  • Genie™ 2000 spectroscopy software core provides well established algorithms for analysis of spectral data
  • Supports manual alpha spectrometers and provides complete computer control of CANBERRA’s Alpha Analyst™ Spectrometers
  • Built-in tools to facilitate interfacing to external LIMS systems
  • Windows® 7 and Server 2008 support
  • Archive, Delete & Restore functionality
  • ISO11929 support