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Châssis et accessoires

CANBERRA offers a line of general purpose instrumentation cabinets and workstation desks for use with our laboratory systems.

Produits dans cette famille

Cables and Connectors

Cables and Connectors

BNC Tee Connector
(One Male, Two Female)

CA131-50 ohms
CA132-93 ohms
BNC Terminator

SHV Female Bulkhead Solder Jack
3/8-32 thread

SHV Female Bulkhead Crimp Jack
3/8-32 thread

SHV Tee Connector
(One male, two female)

BNC Male Plug

SHV Male Plug

BNC Barrel (two female)

BNC to BNC; RG62/U
93 ohm cable

SHV to SHV; RG59/U
75 ohm Cable

50 ohm cable

BNC-SHV Cable; RG59/U (0.3 m)

50 ohm cable

50 ohm cable

Preamp Power Cable

Module Power Extender (0.9 m)

PUR/LTC Wiring Cable (1.5 m)

PC Serial Adapter Cable

Peripheral/PC Serial Port Cable, 25-pin

Cable Transformer

GLE Preamp Power Cable

Schottky Clamp Box

Bias Isolation Box

AIM/AMX to 8700 Series ADC

12-Port ICB Connecting Cable

AMX Expansion Cable

AccuSpec NaI Plus
Preamp Power Adapter

Detector System Loop-Buster Accessories

Detector System Loop-Buster Accessories

High resolution spectroscopy systems require several connections involving the preamp, bias supply and spectroscopy amplifier.

Under normal operating conditions this does not present a problem, and optimal performance is achieved.

However, in some applications these interconnections are extraordinary in terms of length, routing or environment. Under such conditions systems are susceptible to oscillations or noise due to ground loops and to EMI (electromagnetic interference) from sources such as raster displays, power supplies, computers, etc. This noise interference will degrade the performance of most high resolution detector systems.

CANBERRA has several accessories which minimize these problems without affecting cable lengths, routing or system configuration.

An application note entitled "System Considerations with High Resolution Detectors" will be provided when any of the Detector System Loop-Buster Accessories are ordered. The application note is also an integral part of the Germanium Detectors User Manual.

The following units are available individually from our Loop-Buster tool kit.


Cable Transformer - 93 Ω BNC cable with ferrite core to reduce high frequency interference. Use between preamplifier and amplifier.


Schottky Clamp Box - Prevents oscilloscope overload when using high sensitivity settings for precise P/Z adjustments.


Ground Loop Eliminator (GLE) Preamp Power Cable - Preamp power cable with diode interrupted ground to eliminate ground loop. X=length (10 ft or 15 ft are standard).


Bias Isolation Box - Provides resistive isolation of ground circuit between high voltage power supply and preamp to reduce ground loop induced noise.


The LB1504 Ground Isolation Box is used to mitigate performance degradation that might result from ground loops associated with AC mains connections that result in EMI noise pickup.

The Ground Isolation Box includes a choke connected between the input and output earth (safety) grounds. Due to the nature of inductance, the input /output ground remains low impedance for DC and low frequencies, so the integrity of the safety ground is maintained. At the higher frequencies associated with noise, the impedance increases making potential ground loops less susceptible to noise coupling and pickup.

Systems Cabinets

Systems Cabinets

The cabinets in the first table are primarily used for standard 48 cm (19 in.) rack mount instrumentation. To accommodate most peripherals and computer systems, cabinet depths are a standard 76 cm (30 in.). Cabinet heights range in size to accommodate single NIM bin bench top systems to standing floor units for large computer based Multichannel Analyzer Systems.

General Purpose Instrumentation Cabinets

These cabinets are finished with a light grey textured epoxy paint. All floor model cabinets require a cooling and air filtering system of the proper voltage for the location in which they will be used. For Model 5000, 5001, and 5003 Floor Cabinets, choose either a Model 5011 blower fan for 110 V installations or Model 5012 blower fan for 220 V installations. The fans provide 12 m3 (425 cubic foot) per minute cooling.

External Dimensions in cm (in.) Internal Dimensions in cm (in.)
Model Number A (Height) B (Width) C (Depth) D (Height) E (Width) F (Depth)
50001 Floor Cabinet 199.42 (78.5) 55.9 (22.0) 76.2 (30.0) 168.9 (66.5) 48.3 (19.0) 73.7 (29.0)
50011 Floor Cabinet 179.12 (70.5) 55.9 (22.0) 76.2 (30.0) 146.7 (57.8) 48.3 (19.0) 73.7 (29.0)
50031 Floor Cabinet 156.22 (61.5) 55.9 (22.0) 76.2 (30.0) 124.5 (49.0) 48.3 (19.0) 73.7 (29.0)
50041 Bench Cabinet 95.33 (37.5) 55.9 (22.0) 76.2 (30.0) 71.1 (28.0) 48.3 (19.0) 73.7 (29.0)
1 Not a CANBERRA-manufactured item.
2 Dim. includes distance from the bottom edge of the cabinet to the floor. These units have casters.
3 Dim. includes maximum height that cabinet can be raised with levelers.

Workstation Desks

The dimensions of single- and double-pedestal workstation desks for Whole Body Counting and other applications are listed in the following table. All desks are blue and black with a white top.

External Dimensions in cm (in.) Internal Dimensions in cm (in.)
Model Number A (Height) B (Width) C (Depth) D (Height) E (Width) F (Depth)
22541 Single Pedestal 80.2 (31.6) 182.9 (72.0) 81.3 (32.0) 53.6 (21.1) 48.3 (19.0) 76.2 (30.0)
22641 Double Pedestal 80.2 (31.6) 182.9 (72.0) 81.3 (32.0) 53.6 (21.1) Two 48.3 (19.0) Two 76.2 (30.0) Two
22741 Freestanding Desk 80.2 (31.6) 182.9 (72.0) 81.3 (32.0) N/A N/A N/A
1 Not a CANBERRA-manufactured item.