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ProSpect - Gamma Spectroscopy Software

ProSpect - Gamma Ray Spectroscopy SoftwareProSpect - Gamma Ray Spectroscopy Software

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  • Gamma Spectroscopy Software with an ergonomic, intuitive user interface
  • Rapid connection to devices through 'Discover' functionality
  • Compatible with CANBERRA Osprey and Lynx® DSPs
  • Full acquisition mode support, including all the advanced modes of the Lynx and Osprey
  • Supports ProSpect XML-based and Genie 2000 .CNF data storage format
  • Streamlined export functionality to CSV format
  • Compatible with Windows® 7 (32- and 64-bit) and Windows XP (32-bit)


ProSpect® is an intuitive, but extremely versatile, software package for the acquisition and low complexity analysis of gamma spectroscopy data. Simplicity of use allows ProSpect to be operated with minimal training by a broad range of users. Its modern and efficient user interface is an ideal solution for gamma spectroscopy training and basic counting applications. ProSpect is CANBERRA's first in a line of new innovative spectroscopy software solutions, bringing an enhanced interactive approach to spectroscopy.

To accommodate the latest in our digital signal processing, the software fully supports the features of the CANBERRA Osprey and Lynx DSPs including the full suite of acquisition modes (Pulse Height Analysis, Multi-Channel Scaling, Multi-Spectral Scaling, List, Time-Stamped List, Single Channel Analyzers and Dual Loss Free Counting (Lynx only)) and General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) functionality. This powerful functionality, coupled with ergonomics and ease of use, positions ProSpect as the optimum software solution for advanced gamma spectroscopy research applications.

Intuitive Device Setup

Connecting to a detector with ProSpect allows counting within minutes. Simply connecting your device to your computer or network will populate your device in two tabs provided at the bottom of the application; the Discovered Devices tab will show any compatible MCA that is connected to your computer or via a network, and the Discovered Detectors tab will show connected MCAs that have been configured with a detector definition – name, description, high voltage settings. The tabs show thumbnails displaying the state of the hardware (idle, waiting, busy, fault) and a snapshot of the data it contains.

Detectors or devices are opened via double-clicking the thumbnail. Detectors open with the defined configuration loaded (suitable for frequent counting with the same detector), while devices open in the last state of the MCA.

Full Range of Acquisition Modes

The software provides access to the full range of acquisition modes that are available on the Osprey and Lynx:

  • Pulse Height Analysis (PHA) acquires an energy histogram of all ADC events for spectroscopic analysis.
  • Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS) acquires a time histogram of ADC events.
  • Dual Loss Free Counting (DLFC) acquires two energy histograms of ADC events for spectroscopic analysis. One is a normal PHA histogram. The other is a live time corrected histogram. This is a Lynx only feature, and is useful for high count rate applications where the dead time is high and accurate live time correction is required.
  • LIST acquires the ADC data in event-by-event format, providing the energy of each event in a list.
  • TLIST acquires the ADC data event-by-event format, providing the energy and time each event in a list.
  • Multi-Spectral Scaling (MSS) is continuous segmented PHA spectral acquisitions, acquired in time slices, where the time between each acquisition is minimized.