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CANBERRA's culture is one of unwavering commitment to our customers - to quality, to providing real solutions to problems, to meeting or exceeding your every expectation. We do this by partnering with our customers - involving those partners in all aspects from product development to final installation to ongoing service. Our wide product range is suited to deliver comprehensive solutions to many of your important challenges and fast responses to the ever changing world.


CANBERRA provides a new level of capability and performance in the field by pairing our core technologies with enabling technologies like GPS , WiFi® and BlueTooth®.

Product in Focus

CANBERRA’s CosmicGuard™ is a simple add-on to any new or existing High Purity Germanium (HPGe) counting system that includes a Lynx Digital Signal Analyzer and Genie 2000 or Apex-Gamma spectroscopy software. The fully self-contained guard detector/electronics module either mounts directly onto a lead shield with a solid 50.8 or 55.9 cm (20 or 22 in.) diameter circular lid or via a lift mechanism that clamps to the shield table for top-opening or non-circular shields. The system connects directly to the HPGe detector’s Lynx DSA and a controlling Genie or Apex® computer – no NIM or other electronics is needed.

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