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CZT Detectors

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GR1 Compact CZT Spectrometer

GR1 Compact CZT Spectrometer


The GR1 family offers high performance gamma spectroscopy in a compact, fully-integrated package. Designed for both laboratory and field use, this unit contains a preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, HV supply and MCA. The advanced signal electronics requires no cooling and provides ready access to spectroscopy data over the mini-USB port. The power consumption is less than 250 mW, so no external power is required. This makes the GR1 ideal for many portable spectroscopy applications where size, weight and power constraints are very important.

The GR1 family includes four models, each with a 1 cm³ CZT solid state detector. The GR1 and GR1+ are provided in a clean rectangular package, with no external signal connectors (only the mini USB connector). The “+” designation provides an option for a higher performance detector (better FWHM resolution; see chart for details). The GR1-A and GR1-A+ are provided in the same rectangular package as the GR1, except that three MCX connectors are also included to allow access to the energy and timing signals as well as an input gate. These signals allow the units to be tailored for specific applications in nuclear research and academia.


There are three software options available to communicate with the GR1 family of sensors. Click here for a description of the software available and how to download it -->


  • All-in-one detector, electronics, and MCA
  • Pre-set Gain, 1 cm³ CZT
    solid state detector
  • Miniaturized package:
    25 x 25 x 63 mm, 60 g
  • Optional Generic ISOCS™ characterization available
  • USB connection to PC for control and power
  • Power consumption: <250 mW
  • Optional I/O ports for energy and timing outputs and gate inputs
  • Interface to Genie™ 2000 software spectral analysis
  • Optional compact shield/collimator assembly and tripod/carrying case kit


LAB CPG – CZT Coplanar Grid Detector

LAB CPG – CZT Coplanar Grid Detector


The Lab CPG detector offers a large volume CZT detector in a coplanar grid (CPG) electrode configuration. The application of the CPG electrode structure creates an electron-only collection device that allows for a reduction in tailing caused by the trapping of charge in the CZT crystal. This package provides superior detector performance ideal for typical radiochemistry laboratory applications where a high resolution and low background signal is paramount. The compact housing includes the detector element and preamplifier electronics. Connections on the back of the detector provide easy connection to both NIM-based and desktop MCA electronics.

CZT Coplanar Grid Detector


  • High-performance, room temperature CZT solid state detector
  • Large Volume (1000 mm³ ) CZT detector
  • Coplanar Grid electrode for enhanced FWHM peak shape
  • Small overall package size, 38.1 mm dia. x 159.5 mm length
  • Connects directly to NIM and desktop MCA’s
  • Compatible with Genie™ 2000 Analysis suite
  • Generic ISOCS™ Characterization available (Optional)


Software Options for the GR1 Compact CZT Spectrometer

Genie 2000 Analysis with S545C Genie Bridge Spectrum Viewer

Genie Bridge Spectrum Viewer is the ideal way to achieve advanced spectroscopic analysis with the GR1 detectors. This light-weight application allows users to connect to the detector and acquire a spectrum, and then export directly to Genie 2000 for full spectrum analysis and interface with ISOCS efficiency calibrations. Installation, device connection, and Export-to-Genie functions all can be done with just a few mouse clicks. Genie Bridge Spectrum Viewer is available as a free download from the CANBERRA website and is compatible with all current Genie 2000 analysis versions, including S501 Advanced Analysis and the ISOCS/LabSOCS mathematical efficiency packages (Genie 2000 suite sold separately). The GR1, coupled with Genie 2000 analysis is the perfect combination for many portable spectroscopy applications requiring quantitative analysis (activity determination).

This software is free of charge and can be downloaded here

K-Spect Software

The K-Spect software establishes communications with the GR1 enabling MCA control functions, spectrum acquisition, display, basic analysis and storage functions. Together, the GR1 and K-Spect software establish a basic gamma-ray spectroscopy system that is suitable for qualitative spectral inspection and ROI based gamma analysis.

This software is free of charge and can be downloaded from our Partner’s website with the following link:

K-Spect Download

Kromek SDK

The GR1 family of sensors is also supported by a software development kit (SDK). Called the Kromek-SDK, these software tools can be purchased from CANBERRA to allow end users to develop customized software applications to interact directly with the GR1. The tools provide complete setup and control of the key MCA functional parameters. The SDK supports both Windows® and Linux-based systems. Some programming knowledge is required to implement this product.

This software can be purchased by clicking the here and submitting a Sales Inquiry Form. Be sure to mention Kormek SDK in your inquiry.