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UltraRadiac™-Plus Personal Radiation Monitor


When first responders arrive on a scene of an accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack, identifying the radiological risk is a critical step in the first minutes of characterizing a scene.

Mirion’s UltraRadiac Plus is the STANDARD in personal radiation monitors for firefighters, law enforcement, HAZMAT teams, paramedics, and others. The URAD-Plus is small, lightweight, and extremely rugged for demanding radiological and extremely hazardous environments.

UltraRadiac™-Plus Personal Radiation Monitor


  • Easy to operate by personnel in firefighting or HAZMAT” protective gear
  • Extremely rugged, metal housing
  • Accurate dose measurements with high dose rate” protection
  • Large, easy-to-read back-lit LCD display
  • Audible, visual and vibrating alarms
  • Uses standard AAA batteries
  • Unique “stay time” display shows time remaining for the” highest level of individual health and safety
  • Configuration by push button or integrated software
  • Uses standard AAA batteries; optional rechargeable” batteriesMeasures and displays radiation dose and dose

UltraRadiac™-Plus Personal Radiation Monitor

Genie Gamma Spectrometry Software

FC2B Calibration Verification Device


Users of the FC2B Calibration Verification Device can now field-check calibration of their own UltraRadiac units, saving both time and money. Like most electronic devices, the UltraRadiac requires periodic calibration checks to maintain proper function. UltraRadiac users may wish to avoid the cost associated with factory calibration checks. These costs include:

  • Shipment to and from the factory
  • Down-time associated with not having the instrument readily available on-site
  • Factory service charges

The FC2B Calibration Verification Device is a low-level gamma radiation calibrator, which can be used to assure that current UltraRadiac response to dose-rate stays within ±33% of ideal calibration*. The FC2B checks each unit very quickly – typically in less than three minutes.

The unit consists of an aluminum housing with a side opening and an internal license free checksource, 8 μCi of 137Cs. The opening positions the UltraRadiac correctly relative to the checksource.

Key Features

  • Portable unit for field calibration check of the UltraRadiac™ Radiation Monitor
  • Uses a license-free checksource
  • Check UltraRadiac response to ±33% of ideal calibration
  • Reduces costs and downtime typically associated with calibration checks
  • Small, lightweight and easy to use
  • Includes carrying handle for easy transport