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Personnel and Object Contamination Monitors

Introducing... AccuRate®

AccuRate is CANBERRA's innovative solution that improves the performance of current Argos-3/-5 monitors by correcting for self-shielding effects, thus enabling the detection of lower levels of contamination, reducing false positives, and minimizing overall personnel monitoring effort.

  • Improves accuracy of contamination monitoring
  • Helps detect lower levels of contamination
  • Reduces instances of missed contamination

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Introducing... Cronos-1

Cronos-1 Gamma Object / Tool Monitor is an extremely sensitive instrument used to detect radioactivity on small articles such as keys and hard hats. Short count times and high efficiency make the Cronos-1 the ideal tool for the implementation of an Empty Pocket policy at your facility.

  • Counting chamber volume: 43.2 L (1.5 cu. ft.)
  • Photon energy range from 50 keV to 2 MeV
  • Four or optionally six large surface area plastic scintillator detectors
  • Six sides of removable 25 mm (~1 in.), optionally 50 mm (~2 in.), thick lead ingot shielding
  • Single or dual door operation

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Get the Sirius Advantage

Main Benefits of the Sirius-5 Hand, Cuff and Foot Surface Contamination Monitor:

  • ONE-STEP measurement cycle with high throughput
  • Rugged and reliable – built to last in high traffic areas
  • Oversized hand detectors extend detection to the cuff or sleeves
  • Smart algorithm corrects for background changes during monitoring
  • Upgrade from gas to gasless in the field as needed
  • Utilizes common software with Argos-3/-5, GEM-5 and Cronos-4/-11 and can interchange parts with Argos-3/-5

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CANBERRA offers a wide variety of contamination monitors for both personnel and object counting.

Nuclear facilities use radioactive materials that can cause radioactive contamination spots in buildings and working areas. These contaminated spots must remain at the same location until they are identified and/or cleaned - not moved to other working areas or buildings, or worse, outside the nuclear site!

Contamination can be carried by workers on their clothes, tools and even on their bodies. Therefore, it is very important to check people before they leave an area or a building.

CANBERRA offers radiation detection devices for zone control and building exits. These include whole body contamination monitors for alpha and/or beta emitting contaminants. Small working area exits can also be monitored with Hand-and-Foot contamination monitors. No matter what type of radiation detection you need to achieve: clothes, wipes, small and medium waste bags, pedestrian and vehicle - CANBERRA has the right radiation detection product for you.

Now ISO 11929:2010 compliant with BAYEX!