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Safeguards, Surveillance and Seals

CANBERRA is committed to providing radiation measurement solutions to the worldwide safeguards community that meet or exceed your unique requirements. Through our partnership with safeguards planners and engineers, CANBERRA gains an in-depth understanding of your needs and applies best technologies and design practices to create specifically-tailored solutions.

Detection Technology Protecting a Changing World

The RadGuard family delivers unmatched quality, accuracy, reliability and reproducibility designed to exceed our customers' expectations. These solutions are developed and supported by a staff with extensive and diverse experience in this field, ranging from inspector support to nuclear safeguards research.

RadGuard represents CANBERRA's deep commitment to the continual evolution of solutions for the ever-changing demands related to safeguarding special nuclear materials — Detection Technology Protecting a Changing World.

The RadGuard™ family offers products, systems and services for safeguards applications.

  • non-destructive analysis
  • unattended monitoring
  • containment and surveillance
  • remote monitoring
  • destructive analysis
  • environmental sampling
  • data security