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Consulting Services

CANBERRA's Technical Services team can help maximize your productivity. Our products and solutions can be integrated and customized to work with your particular process. We provide both on-site and remote assistance that can work within your schedule and required timeframes. CANBERRA also offers customized Training specifically designed for your needs.

OpenEMS On-Site Review

OpenEMS On-Site Review

Are you new to the CANBERRA OpenEMS Effluents Management System?

Are you unsure of how to implement the enhancements you’d like to make to the system?

Would you like to make sure you are taking advantage of the latest OpenEMS tools and reports?

We have just the program for you!

OpenEMS Site Status review include:

  • Review current implementation of OpenEMS, including base OpenEMS operational methodologies – server/client methodology, OpenEMS calculation methodology, OpenEMS reports, etc.
  • If applicable and in conjunction with site/corporate IT, update current installation to latest service pack and/or hotfix.
  • Review site customizations.  Correct, as much as possible, any current site deficiencies in the site customizations.  Implement, if possible, any new site customizations (while on-site).  Includes:
    • Permit wizard customizations
    • Spreadsheet customizations
    • Report customizations

    NOTE: this only includes customizations that would be implemented during the on-site visit at the site.  More extensive customizations may require additional contract support.

  • Review available OpenEMS tools.  Insure the customer has the latest versions of the following tools, and a basic understanding of how each tool works:
    • OpenEMS Toolkit
    • OpenEMS Setup spreadsheet
    • OpenEMS Calculator spreadsheet
    • OpenEMS Annual report spreadsheet
  • Get a current copy of the OpenEMS setup (setup spreadsheet) and database (DBDump MS-Access file) for Canberra personnel for help in resolving future issues that may arise on-site.

CANBERRA personnel will be on-site for 2 - 4 days to review the status of OpenEMS at the customers site. Contact Nicole Guglietta at nguglietta@canberra.com for information.

Apex-Gamma Startup and Assistance

Apex-Gamma Startup and Assistance


Apex-Gamma Startup and Assistance provides a jump-start to your system configuration and setup to reduce implementation time and maximize productivity. The CANBERRA Field Support Engineer will be on-site to assist the Lab Manager to determine the best way to configure Apex-Gamma for compatibility with laboratory operations. The system will be configured and a number of typical set-up operations will be performed.

Jump Start Your System Configuration for Maximum Productivity


  • Define up to four HPGe Detectors and add those detectors to the list of detectors available for use with Apex-Gamma.
  • Define appropriate parameters for the Energy Calibration and Efficiency Calibration defaults for use with Apex-Gamma.
  • Define counting defaults for Dead Time Checks, Sample Quantity Units, Start Count Button Behavior and Sample Identification methodology.
  • Define up to 10 Sample Geometries for use with Apex-Gamma. A sample Geometry consists of a sample container and its spacial relationship to the detector. This also includes assistance with creating up to 10 certificate files for the NIST traceable sources to be used for energy and efficiency calibrations.
  • Select appropriate parameters for up to five Quality Assurance counting procedures for use with Source Check, Background Check and System (Background Subtraction) Counts. Link the appropriate QA Procedures with the previously-defined detectors.
  • Define appropriate default parameters to be monitored for Source Check and Background Check Quality Assurance Counts.
  • Create up to 10 Site Specific Report Templates based on either the Standard Analysis Template or a Custom Analysis Template.
  • Define up to five Sample Types for use with Apex-Gamma.
  • Define up to eight Procedure Groups.
  • Define up to 10 Counting Procedures.
  • Create up to four Analysis Sequence Files for use with the above referenced Counting Procedures. This will include guidance for algorithm selection and setup parameters for the following algorithms:
    • Peak Locate – Unidentified 2nd Differential
    • Peak Area – Sum/Non Linear Least Squares Fit
    • Area Correction – Background Subtraction
    • Efficiency Correction – Standard
    • Nuclide Identification – Tentative NID
    • Nuclide Identification – NID with Interference Correction
    • Detection Limits – Currie MDA
    • Calibrate up to six geometries.
  • Define up to four Apex-Gamma Security Groups and assign appropriate rights to the Security Group.
  • Define up to 12 Apex-Gamma users and assign those users to the appropriate Security Group as defined above.
In Vivo Data Migration Services

In Vivo Data Migration Services


CANBERRA can provide professional and efficient in vivo services to reduce system implementation time and maximize productivity. Changing or upgrading in vivo software platforms typically requires installation and configuration of the new system for management of counters, migration of existing data, electronics upgrades, system calibrations, counting procedures updates and staff training. CANBERRA can help ensure success in all these areas.

Reduce Time-to-Implement for Maximum Productivity


Installation and Setup Services:
  • Software installation of Apex-InVivo including any prerequisite software such as Genie 2000 or SQL Server
  • Configuration of counter software. This includes detector communication setup, motor controller configuration for scanning systems, and creation of different counting configurations
  • Installation of any new electronics, detectors, or mechanical parts of the counter
Data Migration Services:
  • Transfer existing energy and efficiency calibration files into Apex-InVivo
  • Move existing nuclide library, certificate and analysis parameters into Apex-InVivo
  • ABACOS-2000 QA files into Apex-InVivo
  • Migration of personnel data from CANBERRA's ABACOS systems into Apex-InVivo
  • Transfer of demographic data from a health physics database into Apex-InVivo
  • Archival of old Personnel count results to a file server or other file repository for safe keeping
Calibration Services:
  • Energy calibrations for all NaI and HPGe Germanium detectors in counters
  • Efficiency calibration for each counting geometry using NIST traceable sources and qualified calibration technicians. Phantoms can be provided by CANBERRA as part of the service
  • Verification of system using efficiency verification counts and reports, QA counts, and routine counts
Procedure & Training Services:
  • Professional training classes can be held at your site for operators and administrators
  • Individual users can also join training sessions held in CANBERRA classrooms
  • CANBERRA can assist in transforming your operating procedures to conform to the new software
Database Administration Services

Database Administration Services


CANBERRA's Database Administration Services provide the peace of mind that your database system is always running, backed-up, and sustained for optimal performance. Our services also include customized data monitoring and automatic data updates to eliminate manual input and optimize productivity.

Enhance Database Productivity and Performance


  • CANBERRA-provided administrator to check and maintain databases used for laboratory computer software products (Supports Oracle and SQL-server databases, other third-party software not provided by CANBERRA is not included). This includes:
    • system backups
    • restoration of database (if required
    • performance tuning
    • installation of database software upgrades
    • installation for new users
  • Ongoing monitoring via remote access
  • Semi-annual or bi-annual two-day site visits
  • Microsoft and security update support and planning

Customized monitoring of data through creation of automatic updates in EXCEL Examples are:

  • Excel graphs (interfaced to the APEX database) to provide:
    • daily trends of different radioactive nuclides that may indicate fuel failure
    • changes in nuclide concentration over time
    • automatic updates of data for any number of spreadsheets for site calculations to eliminate manual input of the data
    • automatic corrections to the spreadsheet with data updates
Horizon Configuration and Integration

Horizon Configuration and Integration


CANBERRA's Horizon Configuration and Integration Service jump start your supervisory system. Our experts will provide factory configuration of the system specific to your equipment. This helps ensure on-site installation and startup are efficient and your system is up and running quickly.

The Best Start for Your Supervisory System


Horizon Configuration:
  • Configuration and testing is performed on the computer to be used at your site. These services are performed at CANBERRA's factory by system experts to ensure accuracy and quality
  • Installation of any prerequisite software needed by Horizon. This includes the database software such as SQL Server, the SCADA tools needed by Horizon, and any other communication protocols or software needed for the instruments being integrated
  • Installation of the Horizon software and OPC server, creation of the configuration and supervisory database, and activation of all licenses
  • Site-specific configuration is performed which ensures Horizon is preconfigured to communicate with instruments. The configuration for each instrument is tailored to the sensors and options
  • Instruments which are planned to be added in the future can also be preconfigured so they can be added to the system quickly and easily
Horizon Integration and Test:
  • Larger systems can be factory integrated and tested to provide a complete turn-key solution
  • Testing of all the hardware and software together greatly reduces on-site installation efforts and the risks involved with large monitoring systems
  • All instrument and software configuration and testing is performed on the computers to be used at your site. Networking equipment and cabling can also be configured and tested during integration
  • This service is combined with a Horizon Configuration service to create a fully integrated and tested solution
  • Once the system is fully assembled and configured, full integration testing is performed to ensure the configuration of each instrument is complete and all communication is operating as designed
  • A fully integrated system can also be used for an official factory acceptance test, training of on-site personnel and system inspection
On-Site ISOCS Characterization

On-Site ISOCS Characterization


CANBERRA's On-Site ISOCS Characterization provides all the differentiated benefits of Cascade Summing Corrections and ISOCS/LabSOCS calibrations without the need to send your detector away for characterization. Your detector is returned to service by CANBERRA personnel upon completion of the measurements, minimizing further the impact on your operations.

The Site Detector Characterization Service provides you with a service that fully characterizes detectors either at your site, or if this is not possible, at one of CANBERRA's local service offices. This means that the detector is out of service for the duration of the characterization measurements only (generally 2-3 days per detector).

Minimize Downtime with an On-Site Characterization


  • Detector characterization and detector verification
  • Verification of the characterized detector using standard geometries provides further benchmarking of the characterized detector for typical laboratory geometries. The verification report also gives you an important QA document in support of audits
  • Standard geometries include: glass fiber filter paper, 20 cc acrylic cylinder with a solid resin matrix, 400 mL polypropylene container with a solid resin matrix and a 2.8-liter Marinelli beaker with a solid resin matrix
  • The detector is characterized at all points around the crystal (not just in front of the detector end cap), which means that the result fully accounts for variation in detector response as a function of the angle of the source (which can be due to the dead layer, internal crystal structures, and bulletization of the crystal)
  • Characterized detector allows single and easy cascade summing corrections. This is a significant advantage over alternative techniques which require a high quality reference source measurement for each counting geometry
  • The advantages of mathematical calibration software are now well understood across the nuclear measurement industry. The elimination of traditional calibration sources provides significant savings in cost and measurement time. In addition, the flexibility of these tools allows excellent replication of the measured sample geometry resulting in improved accuracy over fabricated calibration source standardsA fully integrated system can also be used for an official factory acceptance test, training of on-site personnel and system inspection