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CANBERRA Services North America

CANBERRA's North American service organization offers the solutions and expertise you need to address all of your nuclear measurement needs. Our extensive network of experts can provide local operational support, technical support, and a wide range of consulting services.

LabSOCS™ Integration Services

Whether you are just starting the transition from source-based to LabSOCS-generated efficiency calibrations or adding another detector to an established LabSOCS lab, we are here to help! Our LabSOCS Integration Services are designed to calibrate and validate your SOCS-characterized detector(s) based on your specific laboratory practices, without any requirement for you to own calibration sources. This service will get you up and running, ready to analyze samples, with a comprehensive record of calibration and NIST-traceable verification. We will we set up your detector input(s) with Genie™ or Apex-Gamma™, create sample geometries in LabSOCS, generate calibration curves, and verify the calibration with NIST-traceable sources according to industry consensus standards. When we are finished, you are ready to count AND you have the documentation needed to validate the work for any future audits. For more information about this featured service, please call 800-255-6370 and ask for the LabSOCS Integration Service



Deliberate, focused, progressive training specifically designed to ‘flow’ from beginner-level to expert- level coverage on a full range of radiation measurement topics.
Training facilities are equipped with CANBERRA’s newest technology and teaching aids
On-Line, lecture, hands-on, remote, and interactive learning experiences Proficiency exams are also available to ensure mastery of subject matter material
CANBERRA instructors are not just subject matter experts, they are also trained as instructors For more information about our training services, please call 800-255-6370 and ask for Training


Comprehensive Consulting Services

CANBERRA's Technical Services team can help maximize your productivity. Our products and solutions can be integrated and customized to work with your particular process. We provide both on-site and remote assistance that can work within your schedule and required timeframes. Below are just some of the Consulting Services we offer:

  • Apex-Gamma
  • Horizon
  • OpenEMS
  • Apex In-vivo
  • ISOCS Characterization
  • Custom Reporting
  • Startup Acceleration

Find out more about our consulting services by calling 800-255-6370 and ask for Consulting


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