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Request a Return for Repair or Calibration

Need to return an instrument for repair/calibration? Need to return a detector for repair?
Please proceed to filling out the appropriate form by clicking one of the buttons below.
Prefer to troubleshoot before sending in your equipment for repair?
Please call to speak with a Representative of our Technical Support Team at 1-800-255-6370, or email us at techsupport@canberra.com.

We have two separate Return Material Authorization forms. Please select the appropriate form for your return request.

Instruments Return Authorization Form Detectors Return Authorization Form

Once the Return Material Authorization Form has been submitted with all technical troubleshooting details captured, you will receive a Return Material Authorization Number within 24 hours. You will also be given a contact person who will follow up with you during the repair process. All inquiries on your repair order should be sent directly to your assigned contact. You can always contact techsupport@canberra.com or call 1-800-255-6370 and we can quickly direct you to the appropriate contact.

If you cannot use our online Return Material Authorization Forms, please click here and download our printable PDF version

Here are some useful tips that will help us expedite your repair and get your instrument back to working order and shipped to you as quickly as possible:

Please do not return an instrument without a Return Material Authorization Number (RMA). The RMA connects your instrument with all of the necessary information to expedite handling and proper return of your instrument. When possible, please include your Purchase Order (PO) Number on the Return Material Authorization Form. We cannot begin work on your repair unless we have a PO.

When shipping your instrument, please ensure the RMA is clearly marked on the outside of the box in which the instrument is being shipped.

For out-of-warranty repairs, please reference the RMA on the Purchase Order and all other paperwork and correspondence concerning the repair.